Spencer Turner

Discovery, Research & Experimentation

Starting is easy, starting right is harder.

When we start working on a product or service, there's a lot of questions. There are ideas on opportunities, pitfalls, desirability, and market.

Who are our customers? What are their problems? Are they really problems? Will they pay to have them solved? What's our competition?

Identify and test new market opportunities for a global outdoor sports brand.

We designed and delivered a kick-off workshop workshop with department heads and an existing app supplier to estabish the desired outcomes of the project and hypotheses to test.

We undertook customer development research over the next month, synthesised and analysed the outputs and reported back the learnings, highlighting opportunities we'd identified.

Discovery and Research Support

  • Charting what you need to learn (Assumptions and Hypotheses)
  • Understanding your market and their needs
  • Research & experiment design, measurement and tracking
  • Creating insights from Research

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