Spencer Turner

Better Workshops & Meetings

I've designed and delivered successful workshops for, banks (traditional and challenger), international retail brands, unicorn start-ups, public sector organisations, hardware manufacturers and charities

Workshops are always tailored to your specific needs. My process is based on making sure we define and deliver what you need, but we often run workshops to:

  • kick-off a project.
    ensuring alignment, understanding and a shared plan, across the whole team.
  • plan discovery and research.
    agreeing what we're trying to learn and what approaches we'll take.
  • plan for the year/quarter/outcome
    sharing goals, why they're important, how we'll measure success and collaboratively forming a plan to get there.
  • define your value proposition.
    aligning product offerings with customers needs and clarifying how you communicate that value.
  • set direction/develop strategies and tactics
    describe the big picture. where are you? where do you want to be? how will you get there? how will you know you're succeeding?

Alastair Williamson Pound, Senior Product Manager

Spencer is an absolutely great Principal Product Manager. He has a keen passion for helping people really understand and identify their own and their client's needs.

He very cleverly facilitates the process of building a clear plan forwards that pretty much becomes the baseline to the project.

Steve Tooke, Author and Senior Product Manager

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Spencer. He takes time to understand a client's needs, and he puts the focus squarely on the user.

Spencer is an asset to any team and his passion for building the best possible products and services really showed when I worked with him. His facility in multiple disciplines means that he's a fantastic communicator and collaborator across the whole organisation.

Improve quarterly planning, strategic alignment and progress check-ins for a global delivery company.

We designed and ran a series of workshops and activity sessions to make sharing context, planning work and tracking progress fun and engaging.

Coaching across product and technical functions, we collaboratively evolved how work was framed, captured, planned and tracked. By focusing on the value to be delivered we enhanced shared understanding, improved communication and reduced unnecessary meetings.

Jamie Jones, Leakage and Smart Networks Manager

I found the VPC incredibly valuable, and having an external facilitator in yourself very useful in allowing me to look at things in a different way.

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