Spencer Turner

Consultant CPO/CDO

Do need to support growth with interim Product or Design support at a senior level?

With years of experience across the software industry applying lean and agile methodologies to product management, service and UX design, we can help.

If you're looking for 'big corporate' CPOs/CDOs we're not that. What we are is human-focused product and design people who bring lean, agile and design-thinking approaches to teams delivering products and services.

In our experience, what makes teams able to find truly great solutions is clearly expressed, customer focused goals, back with research and data and measured by outcomes.

To deliver on them, teams need autonomy with accountability, clear, honest communication and genuine collaboration regardless of function or role.

Alasdair MacCormick, Business Architect, Government Transformation

Spencer really helped us understand, visualise and communicate both where we were in our digital transformation journey and where we wanted to be, to our senior management team and ultimately the teams tasked with solving the individual problems.

He challenged us to be more forward thinking in our customer research and took the time to speak to all areas of the business to thoroughly understand the processes, people and politics involved in change, coaching in lean approaches and fostering cross-departmental collaboration.

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