Spencer Turner

Hello, I'm Spencer.

I'm a facilitator, coach and consultant.

I help digital innovation, product and service teams deliver better, with outcome focused workshops and coaching across discovery, research, lean, agile, UX & PM.

I've helped publicly funded organisations, traditional banks, challenger banks, international retail brands, IoT manufacturers, start-up founders, unicorn start-ups and charities.

Taking a Lean approach to digital product and service delivery

Delivering great digital products and services doesn't start with code, it starts with people. People who need to collaborate and communicate, working towards a shared goal.

I help teams come together, communicate and plan better, and deliver digital products and services customers want to use.

Combining consultancy, coaching and well designed and facilitated workshops or activities we get everyone working together, to share ideas, surface concerns and deal with them, find solutions and approaches and contribute to their fullest to ultimately deliver great digital products and services as part of a team.

I have years of hands experience applying lean, agile and UCD approaches across reseach, design, development, and product management. Direct understanding of different areas needs, fears and drivers, allows us to help define a shared goal, and a plan to deliver as a team.

Josh Seiden, Author of Lean UX

Spencer is a talented and unique individual. He's a designer with broad skills beyond design. He's a product guy who gets people. He's a technologist who understands design. His experience working at the intersection of these disciplines gives him a rare empathy and insight. His skill in agile and lean methods makes him a practical, grounded problem solver. And his experience brings the wisdom you need.

To find out how I can help you and your team please Get in touch for a free no-obligation chat.