Spencer Turner

Sometimes UX is like Magic Paint

Sometimes making a tough job easier is as good as it gets.

If you've ever had to paint a ceiling, you'll know it's not a fun job... Whatever you do, it's not going to be a fun job. As I was painting one of the many ceilings that need painting in our evolving house, I realised, fun isn't everything.

There is a great product called magic paint...(Other versions are available). It is simply white paint, with a pink tint, that fades as it dries eventually going white. The genius of this, is on your later coats, you can see where you've done.

It's still not a fun job, but it's a lot less painful than missing a bit and someone pointing it out later!

It set me thinking, some tasks we are asked to improve in UX can't be made fun, but making them less of a chore is still a big win.

Thanks to Mike Williams(@dokieboy) who's tweet prompted me to finally get this blog posted!

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